Yes, I know, it’s Friday today, but in answer to the blogging101 task today, I’m here to introduce my weekly feature: Wake up Wednesdays! Yaaay!

What is Wake Up Wednesday?

Wake Up Wednesdays is a weekly challenge where I will be writing about or listing the things that I’ve done for the first time during the week. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on a Wednesday, though. I might change the name to Wake Up Weekly, because writing about what happened at the end or beginning of the week might be better.

Why Wake Up?

We are creatures of habit and we get easily used to stuff and create a routine for ourselves, that we never do anything new, and just settle. I’ve always had an issue with getting stuck, and being complacent with myself, so in order to not stay in my comfort zone, I decided to try something new and unfamiliar every week. It can be the smallest of things, such as testing out a new face wash or cooking an unfamiliar dish, to the big ones, like finding work you love or travelling to a foreign country. It’s anything that stretches you and makes you a better person. It’s everything that lets you discover yourself and start to really experience this amazing journey we call life.

Ask yourself: What new thing(s) have I done this week? What made me come alive?



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