Survive Winter Series: Clothing

I’m writing this at a 10-degree temperature, so there’s no need to let my fingers thaw off before I type. Yes, it’s the winter season here in Berlin, and it being my first, I want to list these tips down in case I forget how cold it can be. I figure that this will also be helpful for those who are travelling or migrating to a cold country for the first time. So, here goes.

When I got off the plane at the airport here in Berlin, I was wearing a thin top, jeans, and a hooded jacket. Now that look can keep you warm on a stormy December day in Singapore, but definitely not in the West. That was probably why everyone was staring at me at the aiport. They were all bundled up in thick fur coats and knee-length boots, and here I was, suitably dressed for a stroll in Hawaii.

So what should you wear? If you’re like me, coming from a tropical country with zero tolerance for the cold, then this layering technique is what I’ve found to be helpful:

a. Undershirt
b. Ordinary/thermal Shirt
c. Thin pullover
d. Thick pullover
e. Tights or thermal leggings
f. Thick jeans
g. Thick socks
g. Durable boots with a strong grip
h. Waterproof AND windproof down jacket
i. Gloves that let you move your fingers
j. Hat, beanies, earmuffs or heabands
k. Scarf or neck warmer

Depending on the temperature and whether you will be staying in or heading out, you can add or remove a layer. Also, when buying these pieces, do remember to go for materials that keep the moisture out but the warmth in, such as polyester, fleece or wool. Uniqlo’s heattech collection really made a difference. Good thing they opened a branch in Berlin. 🙂


Uniqlo’s heattech stuff makes a difference! Photo: Uniqlo

Lastly, don’t forget to keep your head, neck, butt, fingers and toes covered!

I know this sounds like it’s too much, but trust me, you’d rather be a warm and toasty marshmallow than a suffering, sexy snowcone.


I’d take being a toasty marshmallow over sexy snowcone any time. 🙂 Photo:CC

P.S. Do you have tips tips on how to survive the winter? What clothing ensemble would you suggest? Let me know below. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Survive Winter Series: Clothing

  1. Kat

    Since I’m living in a tropical country, dressing up for winter is one thing I’ve always wanted to try. But I’m scared that I’ll freeze my butt off no matter how many layers I put on. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theberlinbook Post author

      Haha, you should try a quick winter getaway. You’ll enjoy it more because you’ll be comforted by the thought that you’ll be back in a sunny place in a few days. 🙂 Nothing like watching snow fall while having a cup of hot chocolate. Will keep a lookout for your fist winter post! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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