Survive Winter Series: Final tips!

It has been a long stretch of winter with its snowy streets, dark skies and frosty air, but spring is almost here, and it is nicely fitting that I can end my Surive Winter Series at the final leg of this gray season. Don’t forget to check out the previous posts in this series if you haven’t already: Here’s how to dress up for winter, and here’s how to take care of your skin.

Now, let’s get on with my last 10 tips to actually enjoy, and not dread and suffer through winter:

1. Ginger lemon tea. This is one of the best things you can drink to combat the cold, and help with a blocked nose or sore throat. You can buy it ready made from the store, or brew your own. I like to cut up fresh pieces of ginger and add it to my own cuppa.


Β A hot cup of Ginger Lemon Tea. // The Litte Red House, Flickr

2. Bundle up. I know this reads like common sense, but do cover yourself in warm layers of clothing, or when you’re at home, cover yourself with a thick blanket, especially when it’s below zero. Sometimes you may think, “Oh, the temperature is about a degree higher now, I can take off this jacket so I’ll look more fashionable.” Seriously, no. Toasty marshmallow than suffering sexy snowcone, remember?

3. Wash your hands. T told me to always do so when we’ve ridden trains and grabbed on to the handles or touched the seats. Now, I do this every time I arrive home after heading out for a walk or going to the superamarket. It’s a must, because winter is a time when people can easily catch colds, and this is one simple step that can help you to avoid that.

4. Coconut oil. Yup, this is now a holy grail product for me. I use it as a light moisturizer and balm for my lips and hands. I also add some on my hair for an added boost to my dried out locks.

5. Hair conditioner and serum. Speaking of hair, my mane has never looked so dull and lifeless. Thankfully, T bought me a good conditioner to help bring back the bounce and shine it once had. I also pat on some nourishing hair oil and serum that I brought from Singapore with me, and it has helped a lot.

6. Vitamin C.Β Take your vitamins and supplements regularly. Your immune system needs an extra boost during this period! Others recommend taking fish oil to aid with the body’s lack of vitamin D.

7. Eat healthy. I’ve noticed that I’ve been gaining a lot of weight here in Germany, and that, I say to myself, is actually not a bad thing. From what I’ve read, it is normal to gain weight during winter because your body is packing in for more warmth. Truthfully, i’m not sure if that is to be believed, but I’ll take in that bit of positive news as an excuse for my previously non-existent double chin.


8. Sweat it out. For the first time in my life, I am actually working out. Yes, exercise, which I’ve never felt the need for, and certainly not motivated to do. However, I discovered that it has been one of the reasons that I’m able to cope with winter. I also feel much better and healthier now than before. Even when my whole body is aching from the sessions, I can tell that it’s thanking me that I’ve finally decided to take action and MOVE.

9. Check the weather. I learned this from T and my father-in-law. Back when I was still in the little red dot (Singapore), I did not check the temperature at all. There was simply no need to. When I heard that most Germans check the weather every day, I found that particularly intriguing. Well, now I know why, haha. The temperature may change from being so sunny early in the morning, to falling snow in the evening, so don’t skip this step before you head out!

10. Get some fresh air. Yes, it’s chilly outside, and you’d rather have a cup of hot chocolate (mmmhh, hot cocoa..), but going out will do you a lot of good.It helps your body to get used to the weather, and it lifts your spirits when you get some fresh air. Go ahead, and have a quick walkabout, even just around the block.

Extra tip: Be sociable.Β  And I don’t mean being on social media. Talk to your family and friends. Winter can be very depressing for some. Not seeing the sun and feeling the cold can make you want to just retreat to your cave and sleep the hours away. Pick up the phone or make a quick trip, and hang out with the people you love. It will melt the icy winter off of you, inside and out. πŸ™‚

Closeup portrait of a group of business people laughing

Bis spΓ€ter!

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12 thoughts on “Survive Winter Series: Final tips!

  1. Pingback: 2016: The year of firsts – THE [BERLIN] BOOK

    1. theberlinbook Post author

      Wirklich?! Almost fainted at your comment, haha. I guess I have to prepare more ginger tea then. I think we can only visit you in spring or summer.. still can’t take the cold >.< But will certainly let you know! Have a good weekend! πŸ™‚


  2. jewey

    oh, god. i hate winter. and the fact that the cold days are slowly creeping up down here under makes me wanna fly back to the philippines to hibernate. lol.

    and yeah, as somebody who grew up in the tropics, i also didn’t bother myself with the daily weather forecasts. until i found myself dealing with melbourne’s crazy weather where i’m either underdressed or overdressed. i still have to learn the art of layering… fashionably. haha.

    great tips you have there. looking forward to reading more of your posts. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theberlinbook Post author

      Thank you so much!! I find it fascinating that we experience “opposite weather”, haha. I know what you mean by not being able to layer fashionably. Since it’s my first winter, i’m just trying to not freeze, haha. How low do the temperatures go in Melbourne winters? Thank you, again! I hope to read more of your posts too!! :))


  3. jewey

    “trying not to freeze” is a pretty solid plan, i reckon. much better than fashionably dying of hypothermia. lol.

    melbourne’s temperature can go as low as about 8 or so degree celsius in winter. that’s during the daytime. early morning is much colder. i remember walking to the train station those dreadfully freezing mornings at 4:30am with layers and layers and layers of clothing on. and to think it was my very first winter here. looking back, i’m amazed i actually survived. lol.


    1. theberlinbook Post author

      Yeah, haha.. πŸ˜€ Oh wow, I guess that’s how it is with first winters. The temperature here goes down to -10 or lower. And they said that this winter was “friendly”.. By the way, what’s your top tip for winter? Would love to hear your thoughts. πŸ™‚


      1. jewey

        my “top tip” is probably just as good as yours: just try to survive. lol.

        -10 degrees?! omg. and here i am complaining about the really cold temperatures that doesn’t even dip to the same levels as the ones you get over there! okay, i kinda feel bad for complaining now. lol. but then again, i’m a girl from the tropics! =D

        Liked by 1 person

      2. theberlinbook Post author

        Haha, I guess that’s everyone’s top tip, lol. πŸ˜€ Yup, that low. 😐 Haha, I understand that! I used to complain aboit the sun, now I miss it. πŸ˜€ Have a good weekend ahead!!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Jenny Stephens

    Great tips! Getting outside for some fresh air and daylight is essential for me! I’m always impressed at how many people I see exercising in the parks on cold, grey winter days πŸ™‚



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