Wake Up #5: Goodbye winter, Hello Spring!

It’s official. Spring is here! I thought this day would never come. How did I know that spring was here? These little beauties blossomed! I am excited to finally be able to see the sun, not rush through morning showers, and take one layer off from my usual 12-piece ensemble, haha.


Anywayyy.. I’m back with my latest Wake Up Weekly. There have been a lot of firsts for me in the past weeks, and it has been amazing. There have also been a lot of downs, but let’s focus on the ups and the many experiences I’ve gained, shall we?

1. Drinking at a German pub. It was a chilly night, and I thought I was going to be blown away by the wind. The first pubs we tried were either full or too loud for conversation, so we were recommended another place. This is what a Saturday night in Berlin is like, friends. The parties have begun! As it turns out, the pub was a good last resort. It had a great ambience, good beer, and tasty food. Honestly, I can’t tell much about the beer, because I, sad to say, had to have peppermint tea, to keep me from freezing. Of the sips I did get to take, I can say that it’s much better than the usual beer I tried in Asia.

FullSizeRender (2)

2. Going global. Having started Geman classes recently, this was my first exposure to having a lot of different nationalities, all in the same room. I did get to experience an international blend of people in Singapore, of course, but not as many as in my class,  haha. There are people from all over the world: Japan, South America, North America, Estonia, the UK, Australia, Italy.. and the list goes on.  I must say, it’s all fairly exciting to exchange knowledge and experiences with a very varied group.

3. Shopping at a stationery shop. If you’ve followed my “adventures“, I have shopped at a drugstore before. Now, I’ve decided to test my somewhat increased knowledge of German, and actually say something. Everything was going well, when the cashier said a word that was not yet stored at the German word bank in my head. After a bit of hand gestures and nodding on both sides, I was finally able to get through the exit with my purchase in hand.

4. Knitting my first scarf. I wouldn’t really call it a scarf, but half a scarf, haha. I still haven’t found a shop where I can buy thick yarn at, so I settled on knitting thin ones. For me, it’s more about the process, because knitting definitely relaxes me. However, if I do manage to finish something, then that’s cool too.

FullSizeRender (5)

5. Eating Currywurst and Noodle Salad. Finally got to try Berlin’s famous currywurst! It was a very weird taste for me at first, but the more you eat of it, the more you’ll like it, and then you’ll crave it after a while. As for the noodle salad, T made a big and very delicious batch of it, and we finished it quickly.

6. Strolling in a park. When the sun finally decided to show up, we decided to go for a stroll. It was awesome! I wanted to let my pictures do the talking, but unfortunately, I realized that I shouldn’t have deleted those weird looking iOS files I transferred. Here’s a photo of the cat, just chilling, to hopefully make up for it. 😀

FullSizeRender (4)

7. Celebrating Women’s Day in Germany. I’ve never really celebrated Women’s Day. Have you? I wish there was a holiday for it, so people, AND women themselves, would actually remember. I sure didn’t, haha, but well, my husband did. Thank you, T! ❤


Hope you’re having a good March! 🙂 Let me know below: What is something new that you’ve tried this week?


11 thoughts on “Wake Up #5: Goodbye winter, Hello Spring!

  1. kindexpat

    Some of my female friends have complained that their German husbands had no clue about International Women’s Day.:) I am glad to hear that is not the case of all German men.
    Good luck with your German studies! We are all in the same boat.:)


    1. theberlinbook Post author

      Oh, haha, there may be a truth to that.. so i’m really thankful my husband actually remembered even if I myself didn’t, haha. 😀 Best of luck to you too, especially in your June exam! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love 2 Type

    Can be frustrating too when you are using chunky yarn and its over in just hours.. so now i am trying on 3.5mm needle but it is also taking me forever to finish and i have so many ideas already on what i wanted to do next…



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