Unfriended: The Great, Big Facebook Purge

It was some time after I graduated from high school and social networks were on the rise, that I first received an invitation to join Facebook. My high school classmates wanted to keep in touch, because we were going to university, and some of us, were moving to other countries. At this point, I have already received about a hundred requests to MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, and more. However, Facebook seems to be where most of my friends were already at, so I created my profile, added a photo, and ta-da, I became a part of the horde. Every week, or even every day, I would post photo albums, comment on my friends’ statuses, and help my friends get an extra game life by accepting their requests to play.

Fast forward a few years later, I am now older, and as I’d like to believe, a bit wiser. That is how I’ve come to realize, that as much as I enjoy being one of the early adopters when it comes to technology and social media, life is about having a balance, and that you don’t have to be on every social network nor do you have to download the latest app available. That is why my friends, I have decided to do the unthinkable: I unfriended people.

It sounds cruel, but going through the 500+ people on my friends’ list (I’ve heard that that amount is relatively small), and having to ask myself once in a while, “Who in the world is this person?”, made it justifiable. During the early days, I felt that the goal of having a social network was to grow your circle and have as many friends as you can get. So grow it I did. Even though I just met this person once, or even if I hadn’t met the person, I’d send a friend request, and they would accept, because turning it down back then made you look like a snob. Being a teen didn’t help things. There was this pressure to have more friends than all of your friends, and your self-esteem became based on your virtual popularity. Accept friend request, accept, accept, accept- that’s what I did, even though I didn’t know who these people were, I was so afraid to offend somebody.

Unfriend, unfriend, oops, clicked the wrong name, oh well. Unfriend, unfriend, unfriend. This was what I did just a couple of hours ago. I removed the people under my friends list who aren’t really, well, friends. I unfriended people who probably don’t even remember my name, who won’t care about the things i’m passionate about, and those who post things that are just not making the world a better place.

I do not apologize. Well, maybe just to those few friends whose name I have wrongly clicked on. Hmm, I bet they wouldn’t even notice that they have one friend less from their 1, 473 friends. Correction, now, 1,472.

I wish you well, my unfriended Facebook friends. But now, I must bid you adieu. To close, I leave you a favorite childhood song of mine from the kids’ show, Bear in the Big Blue House (with edits).

Hey, this was really fun
I hope you liked it too
Seems like we’ve just begun
When suddenly we’re through

Goodbye, goodbye, former Facebook friends, goodbye
Cause now it’s time to go
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.



4 thoughts on “Unfriended: The Great, Big Facebook Purge

  1. becomingdeutsch

    I can totally relate to this! I agree that as we get older, we tend to be more conscious and cautios about the people in our circles.. even in the virtual world. And, we put more value on our privacy which means the precious moments of our lives are better kept away from the public’s eye. 😊


  2. kindexpat

    Facebook friends are sometimes very different from real friends. Some of the people I can rely on do not even have a FB page. I agree it is the best to let fake friends go and say goodbye! You will have more space for more important things now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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