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What to pack when you’re moving to a new country

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How do you pack your life into a suitcase?ย 

After my visa was approved and I had to prepare for my move to Germany, I had to ask myself that question. I’ve been living in Singapore for years, and had accumulated… STUFF.

However, I didn’t want to pay to get all of it shipped, and neither did I want to pay for excess baggage at the airport, because, as we all know, the fees are crazily high. I also had to take into account that I didn’t want to leave anything behind that I would miss, so what’s a girl to do? I checked Youtube. ๐Ÿ˜€

As everyone can guess, the videos I found were not helpful. To add to that, I kept landing on kitten and puppy videos after minutes of watching. I gave a sigh, turned my phone off, and faced my closet. I cleaned it out, and here’s what eventually went into my suitcase:

1.ย Clothes and shoes that are useful for every season. While most of my family said that including my summer clothes wouldn’t be of much use, I found that my sleeveless tops make for good undershirts during winter. Another tip would be to make sure that they can be used for layering.

To avoid having a bulky baggage and make way for more important items, buy your winter clothing here in Germany instead. As for shoes, I just brought 3 pairs that can be used any time of the year.

2. Documents and devices. These took up most of the space in my luggage. They went into my secured carry-on because I didn’t want to have to worry about them in case the baggage got lost. I shredded most of the papers that have been in storage for years, and broughtย  the most important, namely, educational and business certificates.

3. Memorabilia. I didn’t keep as much memorabilia now than when I was a kid. That’s a good thing because it made me not get too attached to things and ready for a move any time. I just picked the ones that I know for sure I’d be sad without, such as a few letters and trinkets from my family and friends.

4. Beauty products. My skin is very sensitive so I have to make sure that the products I use are the ones that my skin is familiar with. Make sure that you bring a stock of your favorite beauty products, especially if they’re exclusive to the country you’re coming from.

5. Gifts. Don’t forget to bring gifts for your husband and in-laws. Not only does it make a good impression, it also paves the way for a good relationship with them.

6. Asian stuff. The one thing that my mom insisted I pack were Filipino spices for cooking. I found that really amusing because I don’t know how to cook, haha. ๐Ÿ˜€ It was very sweet though because it was packs of flavoring for my favourite Filipino dish, Sinigang. The point is, as I’ve mentioned before, if there are products that are easily accessible in Asia and not in Germany, bring them!

7. Extra clothes. I packed extra clothes in my carry-on because you just never know what happens during long flights. If you’re going to arrive during winter, don’t be like me, and add in a coat or thick jacket.

Well, that’s what was in my suitcase when I moved to another country. What did you have in yours? Let me know below. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “What to pack when you’re moving to a new country

  1. jewey

    when i moved from the philippines to australia, i also brought with me a lot of the “asian stuff” you were talking about. only to find out that there are two filo shops near our place that sells frozen turon, chicharon, and some other filipino products that i thought i would never see again. of course, they don’t carry everything but what can you do? i’m just thankful they’re there.

    now, if only we have jollibee and red ribbon here. that would be awesome!

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