Life update: The next three months

20180121_1903091118652608.pngI didn’t really plan on doing it. If I did, I would have timed it better. I would have worked harder, earlier. But yeah, what’s done is done.

The Telc C1 Hochschule Exam. AAAAHHH!!

Yes, I registered for it even though I still have my design classes going on. The next few months are going to be VERY busy. I have to work hard and be ready to read, speak, write and hear university-level German before March.

Needing help, I signed up for an exam preparation course which started this week. I found out that nothing can prove your commitment to the German language than braving three snow storms in one day. 😀

Also, I just realized that it has been almost 2 years since I first started learning German. That comes with a few breaks in between, and I’m happy with the progress I made now that I’m entering my third year. I wish I did it earlier in life, being fluent in a different language, not just German, maybe even something else entirely, like Chinese or Japanese. Oh well, maybe once I’ve mastered Deutsch. 😉

Tschüssi, liebe Leute! Bis nächstes Mal!

(Bye, lovely people! Until next time!)


Lucky Pigs and Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies in Germany and a Glücksschwein (lucky pig)

The first week of 2018 is over. So far, it has been about receiving new tasks, mapping out new goals and plans, and preparing for the coming months.

I have become more of a planner now, because the previous years that I was mostly spontaneous, cost me time and money. Hmm, should I call it spontaneous or impulsive? This year, I’m trying to regain some of the spontaneity that I used to possess. Not too much, though. ;D

As proof, here’s a not-so-good photo of some pancakes that I cooked for dinner. Yes, pancakes for dinner. A MUST-TRY.


​Hello, 2018!

 Hello, everyone! It’s 2018 already! Can you believe it? Time goes by so fast.

2017 was a very busy year for me, hence, the lack of posts. >.<

Between the beginning of my second semester of design school,  going to a C1 class, keeping a clean home (very important, haha!), and of course, taking care of my relationships, finding a chance to post became difficult.
Anyway, I hope to write more this year.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2018?
What was the best part of 2017 for you?

Here are a few of my 2017 highlights:

Autumn, Elections & The List

Rushing on Portfolio Submission Monday

Last Monday was portfolio submission day at the academy. Last Saturday was officially the beginning of autumn. Yesterday was federal election day here in Germany. October 1st will be the start of the second semester. Yes, folks, the times, they are a-changin’.

WordPress says I have not posted anything in 20 days. Well, during that time, I have been busy designing, illustrating, editing and thinking of the things that should be placed inside my portfolio. On top of that, I have decided to continue learning German to prepare for a C1 exam next year. Let me tell you, going to evening classes is a good way to test your love for the German language, haha. Yes, I have decided to continue lessons because I have noticed that while studying at a German-speaking school has greatly helped my ability to speak, think and write in German, it’s more conversational and needed a bit of a push to the professional or scientific.

So there you have it, my schedule that barely leaves time to write. But oh, there are so many things I want to write about! Throughout the day, I get ideas for posts, and the paragraphs already start forming in my brain, but then I start doing the things that I really should be doing at that time, and they disappear, waiting for me to pick them up again. That is why I’m writing down this list of ideas, that seem to keep popping up in my head every now and then, insisting that they be written:

  1. Pomp and Politics
  2. What it’s like to study at a German-speaking design school
  3. Book, Show and Movie Reviews: Julie & Julia, Mord mit Aussicht, Der Büro Ninja
  4. Food review: Sota Tam Thai Restaurant, Berlin
  5. My visit to a C2 class
  6. Making friends in Berlin
  7. Goodbye iPhone
  8. Food cravings: Mangoes, Noodles, Donuts

Do you have anything you would like to know about Berlin or learning German? Let me know if I can help! Comment below. 🙂


Britzer Garten ​

I love Britzer Garten.

If you live in Berlin and want some time off from city life, then it’s the right place to be, especially during summer. I’m not sure how it’s like during the other seasons, but when we went in August, it was breathtaking.


So many beautiful flowers and so much greenery!





A rose garden, ponds, a lake, and restaurants. It even has a mini-playground right at the entrance.



It’s so quiet and peaceful, that I saw someone sleeping near the lake. There were also some groups that were having a picnic and playing games.



We didn’t get to walk through the whole garden because it’s so big!
There are even animals there like goats, sheep, ducks, and donkeys.


I highly recommend to visit the garden when the sun’s out and there’s a cool breeze.


It’s for the whole family. Bring some snacks, and enjoy the peace and quiet this patch of greenery has to offer. Entrance fee: Adults – 3 €, Kids – 1 €.



Don’t forget to check the website to find out the events and flowers they are featuring:


Treptower Park

Hi everyone, just checking in quick. 🙂 Currently enjoying my school break. Here are photos from a day out to Treptower Park.


Beautiful rose garden.


Monument to the fallen soldiers of the Red Army in Germany.





And a lake where a lot of people just hang out at its banks.

Sadly, can’t add videos now. I was able to before, but since I haven’t upgraded, I’m unable to show the ducks swimming and rose garden. 😦

Anyway, I hope you still enjoyed the photos. How’s the summer going for you? I hope you’re taking in every bit of sunshine before autumn. 🙂