On Berlin Cafés

I love the cafés in Berlin. They’re… vintagey and very instagrammable. And there are SO many here in Berlin. 

Order a chai latte, cappucino or latte machiatto. Or somethig else entirely. 

Feels warm and cozy, especially during autumn and winter. 

And some of them have little surprises like the one below, with a cookie and a gummi bear. 😀🐻

Now that I started drinking two cups of coffee a day ever since Instarted studyingg again, café hopping seems like a good idea, haha. 

Do you have a favorite café in your city or in Berlin? Let me know so I can check it out. 🙂 

Pandas follow me around

​Hooray for this week! This week, school’s out, and no school means I actually get to sit down and write something! One of the cool things we do at the academy is that we don’t just sit and draw. We go out, then sit, then draw. 😀

We went to the Naturkundemuseum last Wednesday, and it was awesome. I’m probably hyping it out too much because we got to go out and not stay in school, but it’s still cool to see. Honestly though, if you’re not into museums, illustration, science, and rock and bone collections, then I don’t think it’s worth the price. Just sayin’.

The Museum Entrance.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s there.

​I didn’t take a lot of photos, because we should be drawing, but truth be told, I would rather take photos, lol. As I said, I am not the hardcore drawing/sketching/illustrator kind, I’m more of the think up ideas and create stuff kind.

Big-boned Bronto.

Into the eyes of a hunter.

And like I said… pandas follow me around! 😀

I feel ya on those dark circles, bro.
This break week was spent on finishing assignments, cleaning up and running errands, so really not a break week, lol. But I just can’t work when my home does not look tidy and everything is in place. Does anyone else feel like that? Raise your hands in the comments 🙋 if you know what i’m talking about.

Ciao for now! 🙂

Nobody said it was easy

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I have been adjusting to my new schedule, what with school and well, life. Of course, I will still do my best to post. Writing and sharing are what I’m most passionate about, after all.

It’s been fun at the academy so far, and I’m starting to get the hang of it and make friends. It is still tiring though. The dark circles under my eyes prove it. To show you how many sleepless nights I’ve been having, here’s a picture of me. 🐼


Anyway, how is 2017 going for you?

Much panda love. 🐼❤️ Ciao!


I saw an ad for these bottles when I got back from Singapore, and was SO excited! These bottles of water have ‘Berliner sayings’ on them. 
If you’ve been to Berlin, you know what I’m talking about. Berliners have a different way of saying stuff in German. For example, “Das” can be said as “Dit” and “Guten Morgen” can be said as “Juten Morjen”. 

Sometimes, when I overhear German conversations, I don’t understand what’s being said,  because although they’re speaking German, it’s spoken in Berlin fashion. I’ve heard that that is the case for some parts of Germany as well. 

Anyway, just wanted to check in and let you guys know. I am aware that it’s weird to get this hyped up over water bottles, but that’s me. 😀 


Back to School

Happy Monday, everyone! As promised, here’s a quick explanation why I’m going back to school again. Honestly, I did not see this coming. Sure, I’ve actually thought about it for a while, but what I meant was, that I did not expect to actually be studying what I am studying, so much so, that the first thought that popped into my head after the first day of school was, “What have I gotten myself into?” However, that question, my husband says, is actually a good thing. That means you are out of your comfort zone and you are being stretched to full capacity.

SO what is it exactly that I am studying? I am studying D-E-S-I-G-N.

Initially I wanted to just go for a short course or maybe a two-week workshop to learn some new skills, but I didn’t really find a good one in Berlin, that was suited to what I was looking for and didn’t take four years to finish. After a few months of searching, I finally found one that lasted for a year, but will let me try out different areas of design. Dosesn’t that sound awesome?

I went to the school on open day, and got the chance to try out the course for a few days, which really helped me to decide if I was going to go for it or not. If you guys and gals are interested in applying for schools, most of them have open days and trial days which I suggest to take advantage of before you enroll, because you get a feel of the faculty, environment, the course itself and the works.

To top it off, the whole course is in German, so yeah, this year will hopefully not only develop my skills in design, but also in Deutsch. This here is the ‘quick’ explanation of why I’m going back to school, or the academy, as I’ll refer to it from now on.

How about you, guys? Are you trying to learn a new skill this 2017? If so, let me know below. Ciao! 🙂