Berlin tax office.

Wake Up #4: Taxes, Döners & Deutsch class

Hello, you wonderful reader, you.

That sounded a bit creepy… Anyway, moving on. What has happened in the last few days? A lot. To save time, this post will be a mashup of Wake Up Weekly and a life update. Los geht’s (let’s go):

1. First time at the tax office in Berlin. Contrary to the usual skyscrapers for government offices that i’m used to, the Berlin tax office looked pretty fancy to me. It looked like a fortress! What I find intriguing is that on the opposite side, directly facing it, is a cemetery. I wonder what’s the history there. If anyone knows, I hope you can share in the comments.

2. First Döner. Absolutely delicious and filling! Huge chunks of meat in between scoops of salad, topped with the sauce of your choice, sandwiched in a perfectly toasted piece of bread. You can choose herbal, garlic or spicy as your sauce. T and I had this for lunch, and I was still feeling full by dinner time. It’s a must-try!

3. First time at a veterinarian’s office. Kater (Male cat) had to be brought to the vet several times the past two weeks. The poor thing is extremely scared of going there, that even the sight of his carrier box will trigger a flee-and-hide response from him. It was a wise thing to take him, however, so we can get on with his treatment, and I happily report his good progress now.

There was nothing special about it, just a usual vet’s place with lots of machines and paperwork.

4. First Valentine’s Day in Germany. Beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and a box of yummy chocolates from mein Mann, T. ❤ Having been in a long-distance relationship, this day was very  special to me because this was the first time we celebrated the Day of Hearts together in his homeland.

But.. the cat got mad because he didn’t get any gifts for Valentine’s Day so he munched on my pretty flowers, haha.

5. Trial language class. Last Monday, I went for a trial class so I can start my Deutsch lessons, and see where my knowledge is currently at, as it has been almost a year since I learned German. It was fun to study again, and as I told T, to walk out and about with a purpose. Decisions have to be made soon, and I will for sure update you guys when I’ve settled on something.

Here are the photos I took. You can hover over them to see the description. I hope your week has been well and productive so far. 🙂 Till then, ciao!



11 thoughts on “Wake Up #4: Taxes, Döners & Deutsch class

  1. becomingdeutsch

    I was smiling while reading this post…. mainly coz of Döner and Valentine’s Day. 🙂
    When C was here to visit me, he told me about döner, and little did I know, we have a Turkish food stall that sells something like this. He ate 4 servings and told me why didn’t I bring him their on Day 1. haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. theberlinbook Post author

      Awww.. :)) Haha, that’s so funny! Germans and Filipinos really love good and savoury food, so no surprise there. 😀 Although when you’re here, you may miss Asian food, so eat all you can! 😀


  2. kindexpat

    If you are in Germany, Döner is the food you must try! I have tried Döner across Germany and cannot tell the difference, but some people claim they can. In any case, Döner is always delicious, fulfilling, and cheap.


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